Burton’s latest music:  "Originals, Timeless (little known) Un-Standards. "
Improvising Beings (Paris label) ib55

With Roberto Haliffi—Drums, Stephan Raidl—Bass CD 1  (recorded in April 2016 in Goethe Institute, Amsterdam)
Burton with Roberto Haliffi—Drums, and Tilo Baumheier—Flute  CD 2  (recorded live at the Bim Huis, Amsterdam, January 2017)

Available for 12 euros including mailing costs: (see Klezmokum: Discography for payment details.)

Excerpt: "Now Music 1" Download MP3

"Free Form Improvisation Ensemble 2013"
Improvising Beings (Paris) Double CD Release- September 2015

abdelhaď bennani (tenor sax), burton greene (piano), chris henderson (electronic drums), alan silva (orchestral synthesizer)
Recorded live at the Sunset, Paris, France, March 19, 2013.
2 CD set, 13 "Free Form Compositions".

Sound produced by Benjamin Duboc.  Computer Art:  Alan Silva
A great concert recording with my colleague from the First Free Form Improvisation Ensemble (1963-65):  Alan Silva

This earlier band is known as the first band to exclusively play totally free improvised music as a modus operandi!  Nice update double CD 50 years later!
Just 10 euros + 2 euros mailing costs   (see Klezmokum: Discography for payment details.) 

Silke Röllig, Burton Greene : "Space Is Still The Place" (Improvising Beings ib39, July 2015)

"Space Is Still The Place"
Silke Röllig (vocals), Burton Greene (piano)
July 2015 Release on the Improvising Beings label (Paris).  Recorded by Stefan Diestler at The Loft, Cologne, Germany, April 8 and July 1, 2013.

Titles: Something In The Way - Freebop The 1st - Kinder March - Freeboparoony - Hello - Cancer (from Zodiac Suite) - Gemini (from Zodiac Suite) - Space Is Still The Place - Freebop The 4th - Baby Waltz Plus - 63rd And Cottage Groove - Chorale - Syl And The Arshayic People.

With the participation of Tatjana Franzen (flute) and Heike Röllig (saxophone). - Art by Aurélie Gerlach.
10 euros plus 2 euros mailing (see Klezmokum: Discography for payment details.) 

"Open Field + Burton Greene  Flower Stalk"  Cipsela 002 
José Miguel Pereira--Double Bass,  Joăo Camőes--Viola, Mey, Percussiion,  Marcello Dos Reis--Nylon String and Prepared Guitars, Voice,  Burton Greene--Piano, Prepared  Piano, Percussion

Through facebook I got in touch and connected with these fine young Portugese musicians: Open Field String Trio.  We've had such surprising and gratifying results from our two tours together and this eventual recording!   I'm grateful that the free improvisation seeds from the early 1960 groups including The Free Form Improvisation Ensemble (1962--'65) that I formed with Alan Silva have spread around the world, and are just as alive as ever as evidenced by the music with these fine, young, dedicated musicians.. As you can hear dynamics, and subtlety are much in evidence here!

"Fidelity to the principles that guided this meeting is complete: there is proper soil, although all find spaces to be heard individually, and even the said agreement as regards the instrumental combinations - in this case, viola, piano, guitar , bass - is contradicted by interpolating, and extensive, timbre and texture work by pianistic preparations and guitarrísticas, use of drums or vocals and even the introduction of some ethnicist strokes by a mey Turkish flute. It follows a magnificent treatise on improvisation, confirming all that good ever heard of Joao Camőes, Marcelo dos Reis and José Miguel Pereira and ennobling this mythical figure who is Burton Greene, man for whom the concept of freedom is still alive."
Review by Rui Eduardo Paes in
Available for 10 euros plus 2 euros mailing costs.
(Klezmokum: Discography for purchase info)

"A 39 Year Reunion Celebration"
Studio 234 CD 011 (2014) Burton Greene-- Piano, Laurence Cook--Drums

Laurence is a legendary drummer from the Boston area. We had some great playing experiences in the late 1960's and hadn't seen each other or played together since then. Pianist Eric Zinman got us together for a spontaneous gig on his house concert series which he sensitively recorded. I'm amazed at how tuned in and intuitive Laurence is to my music after all these years! Even without rehearsal, it's as if we've been playing together all this time!
    "Lamentation" (by Greene/Rollig) is quite lovely, a poignant ballad that I found most touching. "Mark IV/(1962-2005)" is an extraordinary duo excursion, where the piano and drums play together as one tight force completing each other's lines, increasing & decreasing in tempo in a most organic way and ending in a most sublime way. This disc sounds like one of the most sympathetic duos I've heard, they sound as if they have playing together forever. It can't be any better than that." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery Review

Available for only 10 euros plus 2 euros mailing costs.
(Klezmokum: Discography for purchase info)

Burton Greene with R*Time: Burton's Time
CIMP CD #400 (2014)

Some of my latest compositions and co-compositions with Silke Röllig.  With great NYC musicians: Reut Regev--trombone, Igal Foni--drums, Adam Lane--bass, Michael Attias--saxophones.
    "On 'Burton's Time ' he has surrounded himself by the R * Time group of Israel trombonist Reut Regev, with her husband Igal Foni on drums and bassist Adam Lane. That's a trio that is both flexible, swings like hell and the compositions of Greene (and his writing partner Silke Rollig) plays as if they have never done anything else!"  (Review by Herman te Loo in Jazzflits magazine)

Available from Burton Greene for 12 euros including mailing charges.  (Klezmokum: Discography for purchase info)

Burton Greene and Alan Silva:  “Paralllel Worlds” 
CD on Long Song Records:  LSRCD125/2012   Available from Burton Greene for 12 euros including mailing charges.  (Klezmokum: Discography for purchase info)
                "Retro electronics for this time!
Amazing and strong vintage synth and keys duo improvisations by free jazz pioneers Alan Silva and Burton Greene, still exploring and pushing boundaries after half a century of no compromise careers."

Narada Burton Greene:   “Live at Kerrytown House” 
CD and Vinyl   on NoBusiness Records: NBCD 39  A magic recording, great piano, and great atmosphere:  Some of my best solo work to date on recording!   My recent compositions, co-compositions and arrangements with Silke Röllig, Bill Gerhardt, Enrico Pieranunzi. 
            “In many ways we’re now hearing a vastly sourced language clearly rendered and distilled to its essence.  We hear Burton Greene as Burton Greene: a school unto himself performing improvised concertos sans orchestra.  These concertos may have flashes of boogie woogie in their bouncy loping themes (Röllig’s bright “Freebop” tunes) or a reserved atonality, but they are always imbued with an undercurrent of lush, smart romanticism. ”  Liner notes by Clifford Allen.

Available from Burton Greene for 12 euros including mailing charges.  (Klezmokum: Discography for puchase info)

Selected Discography

Out of over 80 recorded releases of his music these are some favorites:
TitleYearRecord Label
Burton Greene Quartet1966ESP 1025
Burton Greene Trio on Tour1967ESP 1074
Presenting Burton Greene1968Columbia 9784
Aquariana1969BYG 529.308
Mountains1971Button-Nose 01
Trees1973Button-Nose 02
New Age Jazz Chorale: "Light"1976Button-Nose 03
Variations on a Coffee Machine1977Kharma PK 6
It's All One1978Horo HDP 27-28
European Heritage1978Circle RK 16
The Past Is Also In the Future1978All Life AL 003
Narada Burton Greene Trio Live:  Structures1979Circle RK 111178/14
The Ongoing Strings1980Hat Hut 15
East West Trio / Brugge Concert1980Button-Nose 04
B. Greene Quartet / Lady Bug Dance1980Cat LP 42
Burton Greene Encouters Alan Silva & Sunny Murray:  Firmanence1980FORE 80/One
East West Trio / Vienna Concert1982Button-Nose 05
Zephyr (solo piano, harpsichord)1983Button-Nose 06
B. Greene Quartet / One World Music1984Cat LP 49
B. Greene Quartet / Valencia Chocolate1986Cat LP 57
Narada Burton Greene:
Solo Orchestra In Real Time
1991Nimbus Records NS504C
Klezmokum1992BV Haast 9202
Klezmokum / Jew-azzic Park1995BV Haast 9506
Lou Grassi / PoGressions1996Cadence CJR 1062
Narada B. Greene / Shades of Greene1998Cadence CJR 1087
B. Greene Trio / Throptics1998CIMP 182
Klezmokum / ReJew-venation1998BV Haast 9809
The Free Form Improvisation Ensemble (1964 recordings..)1999Cadence CJR 1084
These Spirits of Elsewhere2000EX 434-2
Klezmokum / Le Dor Va Dor2000BV Haast 0700
Burton Greene / Mark Dresser Duo : Peace Beyond Conflict2002CIMP 251
Klez-thetics / Calistrophy2003BV Haast 0802
Burton Greene Meets Sacred Baboons2003
Burton Greene / Roy Campbell Quartet:  Isms Out2004CIMP 316
Burton Greene / “Live at Grasland” Solo Piano 2004Drimala DR 04-347-01
Klezmokum / “Ancient & Newer Roots” 2005 BV Haast 1205
Burton Greene Quintet / “Signs of the Times”2006CIMP 339
Burton Greene Trio / “Ins and Outs”2006CIMP 345
Burton Greene Solo Piano / “Retrospective 1961—2005” 2006CIMP 355
Klez-Edge: Ancestors, Mindreles, NaGila Monsters2008Tzadik TZ8127
Perry Robinson / Burton Greene:
Two Voices In the Desert
2009Tzadik TZ8142
Burton Greene
with Rashied Ali, Marion Brown, Reggie Johnson:  Live At The Woodstock Playhouse 1965.   
Porter Records PRCD-4040